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The little girl's face and eyes were damaged by the explosion

March 2, 2023 - 19:39

In a time when children are supposed to play, learn and grow, we find ourselves facing a bitter reality where wars and conflicts show their bloody impact on innocent people. Countless brutal images and videos show us just how much devastation and pain the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine can cause. The lives of Palestinian children have become more dangerous at every moment.

The screens show us a small picture of a Palestinian woman, distinguished by her beautiful eyes and innocent smile, but the harsh reality has cast a curtain on the beauty and innocence of her childhood. The video, which was posted on the Internet, reveals the severe harm she suffered due to attacks by Israeli forces. The rockets launched mercilessly into Gaza did not only destroy buildings, but also destroyed the dreams and aspirations of young children.

The silence surrounding the world towards the suffering of Palestinian children is a testimony to the loss of humanity. We must raise our voices against injustice and prejudice and work hard to bring peace to this troubled region. Wars can bring nothing but destruction, death and pain. Is this the world we want to pass on to our children?

The small Palestinian image bears the scars of brutal wars on its face. The pain in her eyes reflects the desperate need to bring peace and end this endless violence. The international community must assume its responsibility towards the Palestinian people and work to find radical solutions to end this bloody conflict.

It is time for us all to unite for peace and justice, and to abandon violence and hatred that only lead to more bloodshed and destruction. We call on all countries and international organizations to take decisive steps towards bringing peace and providing a dignified life for all children in Palestine and around the world.

مساعدتنا في القتال!

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