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The little girl could no longer see, she was blown up by an Israeli missile

March 2, 2023 - 19:39

Every day bombs explode and rockets fall on the ground in Gaza. Innocent people fall and pay a heavy price. The video shared shows a little girl screaming in pain, saying she can't see anymore. This scene is just a drop in the ocean of pain and torment that the Palestinian people go through daily.

Every bombing reveals unjustified brutality, every scream tells the story of an unbearable tragedy. Wars destroy lives, shatter dreams, and take away innocence from children.

The images and scenes we see every day make us feel pain and anger. It reveals the tyranny practiced by the Israeli army against the defenseless Palestinian people.

We invite you to open your hearts and wallets and donate to help children and families whose lives have been torn apart by war. Your donations will carry a message of hope and solidarity and will contribute to providing food, medicine and shelter to those in need in Gaza.

Let us all unite in this difficult moment and show our solidarity with the Palestinian people. Together we can make a difference and provide support to those who have lost so much and need our urgent help.

مساعدتنا في القتال!

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