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The city of Jenin was destroyed by Israel

March 2, 2023 - 19:39

With every passing moment, the video shared reveals more pain and devastation being experienced by the Palestinian people in the city of Jenin due to the ongoing Israeli bombing. Every picture and every scene reflects the horrific reality experienced by the people of the city, where life turns into an unbearable hell.

The devastation inflicted on the city and the extensive damage to infrastructure and homes show the brutality and violence practiced by the Israeli army against Palestinians. Tears appear on the faces of children and adults alike, expressing the despair and fear that has gripped everyone.

We invite you to donate and support the Palestinian people in these difficult times. Your donations will go directly to helping affected families and providing food, medicine and shelter to those who have lost everything.

Let us work together to show our solidarity with the Palestinian people in their plight, and extend a helping hand to them in these difficult times. Together we can make a difference and help alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people.

مساعدتنا في القتال!

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